Our Story

Good Food Partners, part of The Arnott’s Group, is one of Australia’s leading maker of branded and private label breakfast cereals and muesli, and nutritional snacks including bars, popcorn and extrusions in Australia. We’ve built our trusted reputation over the last 18 years earlier trading as Joy Foods, and Diver Foods.

Manufacturer of Scale

We manufacture over 200 million bars, 40 million sachets and 250 million bowls of muesli annually at our 40,000sqm state of the art facilities in Scoresby and Dandenong South in Victoria, and Leeton in New South Wales,  Australia.


For many years we’ve helped to grow Australia’s leading brands, national retailers and our own portfolio of brands.

  • We provide a portfolio of products that deliver true innovation
  • We create quality products from homemade recipes
  • We use trusted methods and wholesome ingredients

What matters to your family matters to ours. We know that food brings families together, nourishing people and relationships.